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Adoptable Dogs


To see an animal, you must fill out an application first and then once approved, we can set up for you to meet the animal you are interested in. Click on Dog Application to apply.

All of Waverly Pet Rescue's dogs and puppies are current on vaccinations, tested heartworm negative, and spayed or neutered.

In order to be considered for an adoption today you must be 21 years of age, have knowledge and consent of all adults living in your household, have a valid Id with current address, your landlord’s name and phone number.


Young: About 9-year old as of June 2021.

Breed: Lab Mix.

Sex: Male.

Size: About 48 pounds.

Coat length: Short.

House-trained: Toby is house trained, but has a hard time going more than 6-8 hours between trips outside. He is crate trained, but would rather be free to roam the house. 

Good in a home with: Other dogs, cats, children, aduilts. Pretty much everyone!

Personality: Toby still has plenty of energy, and shows no signs of slowing down or being unable to walk or move around. Initially he didn't show any interest in toys, but we have now found that he loves to play catch and tug. At the same time, he is perfectly content sleeping on the couch or floor and letting you do your own thing.
Required: A forever home. A very secured fenced in yard.
Adoption fee: $125.00

Click HERE  for more information and pictures.

Click HERE for dog application.


Young: About 9-months old as of May 2021.

Breed: Lab / Boxer Mix.

Sex: Male.

Size: Luka is currently 55lbs but extremely skinny, and will likely grow to 80-100lbs.

Coat length: Short.

House-trained: Yes.

Good in a home with: He is great with other dogs and good with cats who normally live with dogs. (Bringing Luka into a home with cats, but no dogs might be tougher, as Luka has lots of playful energy ). Luka is also great with kids.. due to his size, you'd want to take your time with babies or young kids.. but 7+ would be fine.

Personality: Luka was very shy and timid.. especially with men, but after a week in a foster home with other dogs and cats, he is opening up quite a bit. He is very friendly, easy going, quick to learn.
Required: A forever home.
Adoption fee: $275.00

Click HERE  for more information and pictures.

Click HERE for dog application.