Thank you!

In August of 2017, we celebrated our 11 year anniversary. I feel the reason for our many accomplishments is because of the dedication of all the volunteers towards helping all the animals we save. And also the commitment by all of us to be positive always. We are setting an example and showing others it is very possible to help the world little by little with a positive approach. This relates to animal rescue or really any part of life. To live your life as an example of peace sends out positive to the universe and that effect will carry over to others. Be a warrior. Be a hero. Of Peace, Love, and Kindness. If each person that reads this would decide from this day forward to embrace and practice this concept, humankind can be transformed. The animals need us. People need us. The world needs us to be warriors of peace, love, and kindness.

Our deepest and most sincere thank you to all you for supporting and believing in Waverly Pet Rescue!


Compassionate Care Veterinary Clinic, Waverly.

Advanced Pet Care Clinic, Cedar Falls

Den Herder Veterinary Hospital, Waterloo.

Fredericksburg Veterinary Clinic, Fredericksburg.

Hampton Veterinary Center, Hampton.

Parkersburg Veterinary Services, Parkersburg.

Readlyn Veterinary Associates, Readlyn.

Plainfield Veterinary Services, Plainfield.

Iowa Humane Alliance, Cedar Rapids.

La Porte City Vet Clinic, LaPorte City.


Without our volunteers...there would not be a Waverly Pet Rescue! Grateful to all of you!

Foster homes: Animals live in loving volunteer foster homes until adopted… no matter how long that takes.

Caretakers for cats at PetSmart and Norby's: They clean the kitty condos, feed our kitties, and pet them.

Transporters: They help transport cats and dogs to where they need to go.

Farm homes: They give a forever farm hom to one of our fully vetted feral or semi-feral cats.

Businesses with our cats

PetSmart, Waterloo

Norby's Farm Fleet, Waverly

Compassionate Care Veterinary Clinic, Waverly

Fredericksburg Veterinary Clinic, Fredericksburg


Donates her time and talent by taking pictures for Waverly Pet Rescue.

Moments of Joy Photography, Waterloo

Drop off locations

For Donations:

Dan Erskine Insurance Agency, Waverly: Cash and items

Norby's Farm Fleet, Waverly: Bin for cans and bottles.

Walgreens, Waverly: Waverly: Bin for cans and bottles.

Can Redemption Center, Waverly: Bin for cans and bottles. (This is near Burger King and Dollar General.)

Adopters and Donors

Thank you to everyone that has ever adopted from us. Thank you to everyone that has ever donated to us. We appreciate you!